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The Wellington

5′ × 5′ with 8’ ceilings 25 Square Feet

About the space

Designed for precious cargo that can fit into a dedicated closet with ease, The Wellington room is a perfect space for boxes of files or collectibles looking for privacy & security, seasonal items seeking a home-away-from home or business inventory in need of an accessible space.


“After a long winter of grueling work, we checked into the Wellington at Gemstone last March on an 8-month stay for some time to chillax. We were blown away by the clean, climate-controlled space offered at a very affordable price. High Five Gemstone, we’ll definitely be back.”

Snowboard and Ski Equipment

The Rockville

5′ × 10′ with 8’ ceilings 50 Square Feet

About the space

Ready to accommodate the contents of a bachelor apartment, The Rockville room is about the same size as a walk-in closet and the quintessential space for home office or dining room furniture looking for a secret getaway.


“Max and Wanda’s break-up was stressful for all of us, especially Lazyboy – we felt like our lives were ripping apart at the seams. Within a week of the divorce announcement, Max set us up in the Rockville room at Gemstone Storage. Well-lit, with all the security features you could ask for, Gemstone was the private retreat we needed in order to feel safe, regroup and get a new sense of direction. Gemstone Storage helped get us through some tough times.”

Heartfelt thanks,
Chaise Lounge & Sectional Sofa

The Ashburnham

10′ × 10′ with 8’ ceilings 100 Square Feet

About the space

The Ashburnham is the size of your average Ottawa bedroom and well suited to accommodate the contents of a 1-bedroom apartment or a recreational vehicle in search of some rest and TLC during the off-season.


“Lou and I are very close, practically inseparable, especially during summertime. We both got kinda nervous last summer when Lou had to move to a new apartment and it didn’t look like there would be room for me…luckily, there was a Gemstone Storage just around the corner. Lou hooked me up with a sweet ground floor access space, the Ashburnham room. Very comfy here and I still get to hang out with Lou all the time. Lovin’ the new digs Gemstone, thanks!”

Lou’s Motorcycle

The Baytown

10′ × 15′ with 8’ ceilings 150 Square Feet

About the space

Roomy yet highly practical, the Baytown space is a smart choice for the contents of a 2-bedroom apartment or office furniture looking for some quiet time.


“I’ll admit it, I’m very set in my ways – I avoid change at any cost. So when I overheard Bob say it was time to expand the office space without relocating and decided it was time to move us offsite, I was less than thrilled. The Baytown room at Gemstone was a very classy choice however, I’ve got plenty of space and I’m constantly bumping into old friends.”

Filing Cabinets and Archived Files

The Stewarton

10′ × 20′ with 8’ ceilings 200 Square Feet

About the space

The Stewarton is about the size of a one-car garage and ideally suited to accommodate the contents of a 3-bedroom apartment in search of a peaceful break from the hubbub.


“We stayed at the Stewarton for 6 months during our house renovations. While it was total chaos at home, it was the exact opposite at Gemstone Storage – spacious, clean and organized. Thanks for the great lodgings Gemstone!”

King-sized Bed

The Parkview

10′ × 25′ with 8’ ceilings 250 Square Feet

About the space

If your home is being staged or an entire household goes on hiatus, the Parkview provides a safe haven for the contents of a 3-bedroom house to rest easy.


“During our move here to the Parkview room, we were admittedly freaking right out. All of us were hauled outta the Smith’s just before their house went on the market and as we’re leaving, we see all this fancy schmancy beige furniture move in. We were totally traumatized. Then the armoire staying in the next room at Gemstone told us about this staging thing and we all had a good chuckle and relaxed. Nice space Gemstone, we really enjoyed our stay with you.”

Yours truly,
Antique Buffet and Vintage Living Room Set

The Rideau

10′ × 30′ with 8’ ceilings 300 Square Feet

About the space

Spacious enough to house all the important stuff for the whole family, The Rideau is designed to accommodate the contents of a 3-4 bedroom house.


“After I got over the initial shock and anger of the entire family moving to Switzerland for a year leaving me behind with all the rest of the Von Trapp’s heirloom furniture, I got a little worried about whether we’d all fight over space, I’m a bit of an oddball around here and much younger than the rest. I stopped fretting as soon as I saw our new digs in the Rideau Room at Gemstone Storage – LOL, the place is huge! I don’t even hear the rocking horse snoring.”

Thanks Gemstone,
The Pinball machine

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